Monday, December 13, 2010

CCIE R&S::Things to remember after 12 days of bootcamp - Part 2

I went to a bootcamp on September and wrote "Things to remember after 12 days of bootcamp", I just got back from another one, so here is Part 2:
  • Do the initial verification / diagramming / check for mappings in the first 10 minutes. The idea here is to check that the initial configs on the devices match the diagram and if there are any mappings on Frame-Relay, reloading the routers ASAP. Useful commands sh run | i no, sh ip alias, sh frame-relay map
  • Even reading word by word, I was missing critical bits in the questions so I decided to read the questions twice and after I had done the configuration, reading the question again to see If I missed anything. Focus on key words such as "industry-standard" and "proprietary protocol".
  • Identify Core vs Non-Core tasks, this is useful when deciding if its really worth it to spend 30 minutes on a 2 points VRF-lite question.
  • Debugs are good, I did use them a lot more this time, specially debug ip routing during the mock labs and debug ip icmp.
  • Test reachability with tcl, the script I used was basic but to the point:
    • foreach ip {
    •} {ping $ip rep 2}
  • Tackle troubleshooting in layers, is this adjacency not coming up because an issue with Layer 2 or Layer 3?
  • The DocCD is our friend, use it.
  • Time management and tracking skipped tasks is critical.
  • Verify, verify, verify and after that verify again. This is so important, you might fix an adjacency on a trouble ticket and think thats it, but then it turns out you had distance 255 configured in the routing process, so no routes and no points there.

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