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INE CCIE R/S 4.X Expanded Study Blueprint with links

After my bootcamp with Anthony Sequeira, I decided to guide my studies using the INE CCIE R/S 4.X Expanded Study Blueprint, the original doesn't have links for all the topics, so here it is with links for almost everything. Any feedback is appreciated, specially for the few areas where I couldn't find any relevant information.

There is also a PDF version for download.

1.00    Implement Layer 2 Technologies

 (a) 802.1d
 (b) 802.1w
 (c) 802.1s
 (d) Loop guard
 (e) Root guard
 (l) BPDUFilter
 (o) UDLD

 (b) Pruning
 (h) SNMP
 (j) SSH
 (k) Banners

 (e) ISL
 (f) 802.1Q
 (h) PaGP
 (i) LACP

 (c) Topologies

 (a) Clock Rate
 (b) CHAP
 (c) PAP
 (h) MLP


2.00    Implement IPv4

            (1) Gateway Option

 (b) Stub area
 (u) Router ID

 (a) Best path
 (t) Router ID

 (a) iBGP
(a) Tunnel
(b) Redistribute
(c) Static route
(d) Default route
(e) Policy route
 (b) eBGP
 (1) Multihop
                        (a) Local Pref
                        (b) MED
                        (c) AS PATH
                        (d) Weight
            (9) BGP Communities
            (10) Regex Engine Performance Enhancement
            (11) Hide Local AS
            (12) Conditional Route Advertisement
            (13) Remove Private AS
            (14) AS PATH Filtering
            (15) BGP Policy Accounting
            (16) NSF Awareness
            (17) Support for TTL Security Check
            (19) Support for Next-Hop Address Tracking
            (20) Outbound Route Filtering

            (1) Default Seed Metric
            (2) Setting parameters with a Route Map

3.00    Implement IPv6

 (c) Multicast
 (d) Anycast
 (e) Site Local

 (a) Manual
 (b) GRE/IPV4
 (c) 6to4
 (e) NAT-PT

3.80    Implement RIPng


4.00    Implement MPLS Layer 3 VPNs


 (g) BGP SOO

 (a) VRF-Lite
 (c) MP-BGP Prefix Filtering


5.00    Implement IP Multicast

  (a) Auto-RP
 (2) Static mapping of Auto-RP groups:

ip pim rp-address 55
access-list 55 permit
access-list 55 permit

 (c) BSR

 (a) RPF
 (b) RPF Check
 (c) SSM
 (k) Anycast

 (b) MLD


6.00    Implement Network Security

 (b) Log
 (c) Log-input

6.05    Implement AAA
 (a) Client Side in IOS

 (c) Host Mode

6.11    Implement NAT

6.14    Implement security features

7.00    Implement Network Services

7.50    Implement DHCP


8.00    Implement Quality of Service (QoS)

 (f) Policing
 (g) Shaping
 (h) Marking
            (1) CoS
            (2) DE
            (3) Experimental Bits [2]
            (4) IP Precedence
            (5) DSCP
            (1) RTP Header Compression
            (2) TCP Header Compression
            (3) Class-Based Header Compression Methods
 (k) Legacy QoS
(1) CQ
(2) PQ
            (3) FRTS
            (4) CAR

 (c) policies

 (b) VoIP


9.00    Troubleshoot a Network


10.00    Optimize the Network

10.03    Implement NetFlow
10.04    Implement SPAN, RSPAN, and router IP traffic export (RITE)

 (a) SPAN
 (b) RSPAN
            (1) Configure IP Traffic Export
            (2) Configure IP Traffic Capture
            (3) Filter with ACLs
            (4) Filter with Sampling
            (5) Capture Bidirectional Traffic

 (a) Version 2
 (b) Version 3

10.08    Implement FTP
10.09    Implement TFTP
10.13    Implement Telnet


11.00    Extra

10.01    DNS
11.02    SDM
11.03    TCP

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